Frequently Asked Questions

Why not wash your car at home?
Obviously, there is a cost-benefit issue to this question that we get all the time. Washing your car at home may be the best way if you have time and just need a little cleaning off the car's surface. Professional car washes provide special ingredients that clean dust, residues, and that offer rust prevention. In winter-heavy New England, salt residues collect under the car and hard to reach areas that can only be cleaned through an under wash at full services washes. Most importantly, car washes have evolved the point where the customer can save time, effort and relax while your vehicle is being serviced. Sno-White Car Wash offers a great cleaning service at a reasonable price, and our loyalty and reward programs make sure that our long term customers get more for their commitment.

Is car washing safe for the environment?
Of course. Sno-White Car Wash uses cleaning ingredients that are environmentally friendly and mostly bio-degradable (i.e. the chemicals naturally dissolve into the environment). Because we control the flow rate and the water pressure, we use far less water per car than washing at home.

What is the best way to protect my car from salt and rust?
Especially in areas with strong winter seasons, it is important to wash not only the top of the car but also the bottom. We recommend an under wash along with an application of a rust inhibitor at least every other week. The under wash is a high-pressure rinse that flushes all of the salt and road grime from the under body of your car. The rust inhibitor is a specially designed chemical that actually inhibits oxidation on all surfaces of your vehicle. This helps prevent rust from beginning or spreading internally (in the engine) as well as externally on the surface.

How often do I need to wash my car?
This depends on many things. There are plenty of variables that determine the frequency of your car washes: road conditions, driving wear and tear, weather, where you are driving, and personal preference all play a role. In general, we recommend washing about twice a month and more frequently during the winter, with an application of a wax and under wash at least every other wash. This will add a protective shine to your car's finish and keep it looking like new. Weather conditions play a major role in how often and at what time your car should be washed.