Unlimited Wash Club

Instead of purchasing a wash package every time you come in, why not save some money and upgrade to one of our unlimited passes? You can recieve a Wash Club pass that allows you to come in at any point durring buisness hours and wash your car, but only be charged one, consistent monthly rate.

Unlimited Wash Menu

Unlimited Basic Wash - $20.00 per month
Unlimited Super Shine - $30.00 per month

Unlimited Works - $40.00 per month
Unlimited Works Plus - $60.00 per month

Join our Unlimited Wash Club

Is the program really unlimited?
Yes! As a member, you can come in as often as you'd like.

Is it safe to wash your car all the time?
Yes! Sno-White Car Wash tunnel is a light touch brushless car wash. Each time you wash your car with our Works Wash, your car is treated with a triple foam Silicone polish wax and a Clear Coat protectant, giving your car additional layers of protection.

Do you close in the winter?
No! Winter is the best time to wash your car. The salt on the roads eats into your vehicle's paint and contributes to a decreased life of your car. We do close during snowstorms and when it is raining.

Do I have to use a credit card?
No! You can prepay for a minimum of three months at a time by cash or check.

Do I pay the cancellation fee if I move?
There will be no cancellation fee.

* Cannot be combined with any other coupons, promotions or discounts.